If you want to be a contributor to the next book:
The Cromalin Strikes Back – Kenner Star Wars Packaging Design 1980-1982
Please send me a message or e-mail directly: rendahl[AT]echobase.nu
We’re looking for Photo-art, Cromalins, Proof cards, QC’s, mock-ups, artwork for the offers and backs, 3-packs, EP packaging etc. Anything that has to do with the packaging design process. As long as it is Kenner 3 3/4 ESB related and/or got an ESB header it is of interest. SW characters with ESB releases are also of interest and will be part of the book.
This is going to be massive, so any info is also of interest. Especially if you’ve got a character focus and have kept track of exactly what is out there etc.
All info and contributions are very much appreciated. Just like A New proof, this will be a book by the community for the community.
Share, tag names and help us get this as extensive as we can smile emoticon


Written by Mattias Rendahl

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