For those of you who are attending Celebration Anaheim, I’m having a panel about 2D pre production stuff. I will talk about all kinds of proof cards and Cromalins, not only Star wars era stuff like in the book but include all lines, even Ewoks ;^) Stop by and say hi after the panel is done. You’ll even get one of the Star Tots me and Jeff Correll have designed. Win win!

Sat. April 18, 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM , Collectors Stage – 210AB

“Learn about collecting and the facts about vintage proof cards and all Kenner packaging design related material including photo art, Cromalins, proofs, and sketches. Mattias Rendahl, a designer, author and pre-production collector will teach you about the basics of what proof cards actually are, how they were made and what the current collecting status is, the basics of proof collecting and show some lesser known items, talk about rarity and answer questions about value and how to preserve 2D items.”

Written by Mattias Rendahl

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